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The team at St. Croix Family Dentistry wants to develop a partnership with you! Each appointment is an opportunity for us to help you understand your oral health and address any concerns or questions you have. When you understand what’s happening in your mouth, you can be empowered to take an active role in your oral health. Here are some important questions to address during your dental exam.

Whether mild or severe, your dental health care team will accurately explain any dental issues that are identified during your exam. Understanding your current oral health status allows you to address specific concerns, establish a care plan, and set realistic goals for improvement. We want to help you walk away from your appointment knowing the exact state of your dental health and what you need to focus on before your next appointment.

Your dental health care team can provide personalized advice on brushing and flossing techniques, the type of toothbrush and toothpaste you should use, and the use of additional tools like mouthwash. Establishing an effective home care routine is one of the best ways to improve your oral health.

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Don’t make the mistake of dismissing early warning signs. If there are any issues or concerns you have about your oral health, make sure to talk about it during your exam. Your dentist can help you understand what’s going on and develop a treatment plan if needed. Identifying problems early helps ensure simpler and more affordable treatment.

If you’re interested in whitening your teeth or are currently using an at-home treatment, make sure to discuss this at your exam. Your dental health care team can provide information about the best teeth whitening treatment options to help you meet your goals.

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When it comes to overall health, oral health is more important than you might realize. Our mouths can provide clues that our bodies aren’t working the way they should. Many diseases and conditions of our body, such as heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and vitamin deficiencies, are linked to oral health. Your dentist can let you know if there are any issues that should be discussed with your health care practitioner.

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